3 Songs That Party As Hard As David Did

And he was dancin' naked.

Let's just say God appreciated the heart behind it.

Sometimes we don't realize that there's a lot of partying going on in the heart of God. Sometimes we need to take a deep-dive into the basic truth of his love for us and the joy stemming from that, rather than into all the nitty-gritty theology that affects our day-to-day very little.

Here's 3 songs I love because they put the "party" back in "christian". Or something like that.

Holy Ghost Party (Forerunner Music & Cory Asbury)

So many good songs on Joy. This is definitely one of them!

Real Love (Hillsong Young & Free)

God's love for you is for real. It's worth celebrating!

It Is Good (Matt Maher)

I listen to this one and wonder what kind of concert I missed. And then I wish my church did this kind of music.