You Are Immortal.

What if all the stories of heroism, love, and adventure you've ever heard . . . were true?

Driven by Purpose. Pursued by Love. Called to Greatness.

Do you believe you are who God says you are?

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Many people, myself included, struggle or have struggled to find that which makes life worth living: purpose. This is why one day I asked God to use me in His plan to give a new kind of life to his children. Made for Immortality was what came from asking God that question. This blog is how I get to share my thoughts with those who are interested, and my desire is that it be for God to share His thoughts with those in whom He takes an interest. That means you.

In this new life, we're given freedom to dream big, love passionately, fight fiercely, and let our inner walls come crashing down in the face of Divine Love.

Right now, God is inviting you to journey with Him in discovering His heart and purpose for you, His child. You have a key role to play in this Story. Will you take it?

- Avery Koranda, child of God