Pure. Connected. Growing. Building.


Building an army.

My Story

I'm Avery Koranda. Really the only thing you need to know about me is that I've been adopted into God's family. I'm one of His beloved children, and my purpose is to be in a relationship with my Father and seek Him in everything.

But, if you're curious...

I live in Minnesota (pronounced with a strong, deep "oh"), and I love writing, playing guitar, listening to music, friendship, computer programming, and people.

Life-shaping experiences I've had include:

  • Working on a short-film set for a movie called Refuge, where I got a glimpse of how media can be used to tell a story and impact people

  • Attending a Summit Ministries session in the mountains of Colorado, where I learned that ideas have consequences and gained a vision for engaging the world around me

  • Breaking my back in a snowboarding accident, which God used to show me His faithfulness and ability to use everything that happens for my good, including pain

  • Discovering the power and versatility of story as a way of understanding why things happen in life

  • Seeking my purpose and asking questions such as "What am I built to do?" and "Who am I?" and realizing God wants to show me His thoughts on the matter